Sports Physiotherapy

Sports injury management is for everyone, including you - not just the elite athletes.

Neck & Back Pain

Spinal pain management research has evolved from the concept of core stability or resting from activity to promote a more active approach.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a pain that has been there longer than the natural healing time of an injury, generally longer than three months.

Physio for Teenagers & Kids

It is difficult to know how to manage the teenager’s physical complaints but we can help you manage this intense phase of physical development.


Ankle sprains are the most common acute sporting injury - representing up to 45% of all acute injuries. However, they are less innocuous than you think.

Shoulder Pain

Everyone’s shoulder pain is individual and requires an individual approach.

Running Related Injuries

At WCPC, we know that you want to keep running, whether you run for fitness, stress relief or competition, and we will help you manage your running related injury to get you back to what you enjoy. 

Prevention Programs

Early development of movement patterns and strength in sport can help minimise injury in sport in the years to come and there is good evidence that injury risk can be improved by performing selective exercises.


Tendinopathy research has progressed significantly in the last 5 years and at WCPC we are up to date with the latest research.