Tendinopathy, or tendinitis as it has been previously termed, occurs in response to a change in the load of the muscle-tendon unit. There are many proposed medical interventions to manage tendinopathy, including injection therapy and medications, however research has shown tendinopathy management needs to include appropriate reduction of compression of the tendon and improve the loading capacity of the muscle-tendon unit.

Our tendon's capacity to do tasks is dependent on what load we put on them. If we rest from an activity such as running or basketball our tendons lose the capacity to deal with such tasks. So although it might be necessary (for a short period of time) to rest from an aggravating activity, exercise is essential to restore your tendon's ability to return to that activity.

This exercise program will usually include exercises in the initial stage focused on managing the tendon related pain, progressing through to strength and power exercises focused on your goal of returning to your previous activity or sport.

Tendinopathy research has progressed significantly in the last 5 years and at WCPC we are up to date with the latest research and can provide you with an individualised program to allow you to return to pre-injury activities.

For more information on tendon-related pain, refer to our Tendinopathy blog at https://westcoastphysiotherapy.com.au/blog-post/tendinopathy/

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