Running Related Injuries

There is nothing more frustrating for a runner than having your training interrupted by an injury.

That said, running related injuries are common. They can present on a spectrum from niggles to significant pains that stop you running. But they all affect your ability to run and improve your running fitness, which is what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes they are related to training errors, too much - too soon, or sudden increases in training load. Sometimes these injuries are related to insufficient strength for the amount of running you want to do.

Runners are notorious for just running, and not including strengthening in their training. Whatever the cause, and whether you are doing a “Couch-to-5K” program or training for a marathon, we can help work out the cause of your running injury.

WCPC has a treadmill and we can video your running technique to help you identify strategies to improve your running style and off load injured structures, potentially reducing injury risk. We will help you manage your injury and overcome it, so that you can get back to running.

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